Check Out Permissions

Posted on 7th December 2018

Foldr provides an optional permission called ‘Check Out’ that can be used to make other users aware that a file is being worked on. When a file is checked out, other users will be unable to overwrite or make other changes to the file, such as directly edit the document through Microsoft Office.

Enabling the Check Out Permissions for Users

The Check Out feature / permission is enabled on a per-share basis and is completely granular in the same way as any other share level permission in Foldr. i.e. it may be enabled for all users or specific accounts / groups as required.

To enable Check Outs, navigate to Foldr Settings >> Shares and edit the share in question. Scroll down to the permissions section at the bottom of the screen and either edit the ‘Foldr Users’ group (which represents all users) or add a specific AD user / group as required.

When editing the user / group permission, click on the Check Outs tab and enable the Check Out permissions by selecting Allow

Click Update

When the user next signs into Foldr, they will be able to check files out – see example below using the web app:

A padlock icon marking that files are checked out will be shown. An orange icon is shown for files you have checked out yourself

A red icon is shown for files that have been checked out by others.

Clicking on a checked-out file will give more information about who checked the file out and when. Note that the Edit in Microsoft Office button is not available.

Check In

To check a file back in, the user can use the context menu (right click) or ‘Check’ In button in the file summary.

This will remove the padlock and make the file editable by others.

Manage Check Outs Permission

“Manage Check Outs” permission gives users the ability to check files in for other users. Note that these permissions are independent of one another – you do not need to apply them to the same users/groups so you could, for example, allow a “management” group to manage check outs for all users.

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