Customising the appearance of Public Links

Posted on 10th July 2017

Public Links can be customised to change their appearance.  This can be useful if they are being embedded into a web page on another service such as a website or LMS /VLE:

The following options are available by appending the following query string options to the URL.  The following options may be used

embed=1|0  (0 is default – 1 removes header text and download button)
modified=1|0  (0 is default – 1 removes the modified date column)
extensions=1|0  (0 is default – 1 removes all file extensions)

One or all of these options can be appended to the URL as required.

Original Public Link shown below:


Using embed=1 to remove the header text and main download button (note ../?embed=1)


Using embed=1 and modified=0 to remove the header text, main download button and the modified date column


Using embed=1, modified=0 and extensions=0 to remove the header text, main download button, modified date column and the file extensions


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