How to Enable Public Links for Users


Foldr provides different sharing features to allow users to share files/folders securely with others either inside or outside of the organisation.

All file sharing features are disabled by default and the share permissions must be enabled on a per-share basis within Foldr Settings >> Shares before they can be used.  Enabling the sharing features are completely granular and they may be enable for all users or only specific groups / individuals as required.


Share / Share with Others =  Sharing inside the organisation (with others that have an account in Active Directory or a local account on the Foldr appliance).  Share with others is useful to allow users to share project folders or files with colleagues or for work submission / hand-in purposes.  This permission relates to the Shared by Me / Share with Me areas of the web and mobile apps as items are shared.

Note – work submission / hand-in folders only requires the user sharing the folder to have the ‘share’ permission.  The person using a hand-in doesn’t need any additional permissions to use a hand-in folder that has been shared with them.

Public Links = Sharing externally / with anyone using a short URL that requires no authentication when being used to access shared content.

Secure Public Links = Sharing with external users (those that do not have an account in Active Directory) using short URLs.  The recipient will receive an email notification when items are shared with them.  They are prompted to create a password upon first sign in and have to authenticate to receive shared items.  Secure public links may be marked as writable to allow the recipient to upload back to a shared folder.  More information on Secure links can be found here.

Service Accounts

When enabling any of the sharing permissions / features for SMB shares, the appliance uses a background service account to read / write to shared folders and files.  As such, the service account selected (on the Share configuration screen) needs sufficient permissions to access the SMB share on the file server.  When enabling sharing for cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive etc) a service account must NOT be used.

Configuration Steps – Public Links

1.  Log into Foldr Settings and navigate to Shares tab.

2.  Edit a share and scroll down to the Permissions section

To enable sharing for EVERYONE with access to the share, edit the built-in Foldr Users group (double click).  Alternatively click + Add Use or Group and search for users or groups that need the sharing feature.

3.  Click on the Sharing tab and ALLOW ‘Create Public Links‘.  Note that ‘Share with other users’ is required and will be enabled automatically.  Click Update.


4.  A suitable service account must now be selected (directly above Permissions).  Note the service account must have at least READ permission to the SMB file server share and all files/sub-folders held on the share.  If the service account doesn’t have permission to access the files, then the public link will not be usable by the recipient.

5.  Click Save Changes (top right)

The configuration steps to enable users to create ‘Public Links’ is complete.

When the user next signs into Foldr they will be able to create public links from the share configured above in the web and mobile apps.


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