Enabling the Finder Extension in macOS

Posted on 15th June 2018

When you install the Foldr drive mapping app for macOS, a Finder extension is also available but this needs to be enabled before use. The extension, provides access to a Foldr specific context menu in Finder when working with files and folders the mapped drive.

To enable:

1. Go into System Preferences >> Extensions

2.  Enable the Foldr extension for Finder.

3.  When you next sign into the Foldr app you will notice the Foldr specific button providing quick access to the app Preferences, view uploads and a link to the web app.

4.  Finally, a context menu is also available in Finder when working in the Foldr drive to allow you to use bookmarks, check files in / out (if enabled on the appliance).  Additional options will be added to this context menu in future updates.

Need more help?

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