Foldr for Android 4

Posted on 3rd November 2016

Foldr for Android v4.0

– Support for Foldr v3 and v4 appliances
– Improved networking performance
– Access your Google Drive, OneDrive/SharePoint, Dropbox and Box storage alongside your file servers*
– Support for Two Factor Authentication*
– Support for Active Directory password change/expiry/reset*
– Preview images, PDFs and web shortcuts directly in the Foldr app
– Create web shortcuts
– New fLink view (legacy support for Foldr v3 servers)
– Inline uploads – your uploads are easier to monitor and manage
– Shared mode idle time out – sign users out after a period of inactivity

* Requires Foldr Server v4

Foldr 4.0.5 (30th March 2017)


  • Added support for importing shared files from more third party apps
  • Updated the ‘Share to…’ options to include Microsoft Office and other apps
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

Foldr 4.0.4 (15th December 2016)


  • Fixes an issue where all compatible apps were not being displayed when using the share button.

Foldr 4.0.3 (9th November 2016)

  • Updated icons for Box cloud storage support


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