Foldr for iOS

What’s new in Foldr 4

    – New app icon
    – Supports custom branding icons and colours configured on the appliance
    – Support for Split View (requires iOS 9 or later)
    – Increased limit of 10 photos that can be uploaded from Photos to Foldr (no limit from inside Foldr app itself)
    – Access your Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box storage alongside your file servers
    – Support for Searching either on-premise or cloud storage.
    – Support for Active Directory password reset
    – Support for Two Factor Authentication
    – New document scanner tool
    – New v4 Sharing tools
    – Offline files

What’s New in Verision 4.9.1 (10th February 2020)

  • Fixes an issue with saving documents using Files from within Microsoft Office apps

What’s New in Verision 4.9 (22nd November 2019)

  • Quick Edit for Microsoft Office documents. Open docx, xlsx and pptx files directly from Foldr for iOS, make your changes and tap the back arrow to have them saved straight back to Foldr

What’s New in Verision 4.8.3 (10th September 2019)

  • Dark Mode Support
  • Fixed an issue with the Files app and shared mode

What’s New in Version 4.8 (15th July 2019)

  • *New* Web sign-in support.  Allows the iOS app to support third party SSO Identity providers and MFA solutions, such as Duo
  • *New* Device approval support.  Allows the Foldr administrator to only allow pre-approved devices to sign into the server
  • *New* Sign-in progress labels
  • 2FA default trust status may be set by the server
  • Fixes an issue where cancelling an upload could cause a crash
  • Fixes an issue uploading videos from iCloud
  • Includes other minor UI bug fixes

What’s New in Version 4.7.21 (29 Mar 2019)

  • This is the FINAL release for iOS 10 devices
  • Fixes an issue with importing multiple photos when synced to iCloud

What’s New in Version 4.7.20 (14th March 2018)

  • Your shared items will now load much quicker thanks to some nifty pagination
  • Fixes an issue with importing files from other apps with illegal characters in their names
  • Fixes an issue with image orientation when using the camera from inside the app

What’s New in Version 4.7.19 (6th Dec 2018)

  • Restored the “Move” item to the long-press menu for files and folders

What’s new in Foldr 4.7.18 (1st Dec 2018)

  • Fixes an issue which could cause Files to report “Content Unavailable” when connected to a server with custom logo and/or background graphics

What’s New in Version 4.7.17 (16th Nov 2018)

  • Fixes an issue which could cause My Files to be empty

What’s New in Version 4.7.16 (22nd Oct 2018)

  • Restored Document Provider functionality for iOS 10 devices

What’s New in Version 4.7.15 (8th Oct 2018)

  • Fixes a crash when using spaces and other invalid characters in the server address

What’s New in Version 4.7.14 (10th Sep 2018)

  • Fixes a potential crash when uploading multiple pictures from Photos
  • Fixes an encoding issue when setting the modified dates on files

What’s New in Version 4.7.13 (6th Sep 2018)

  • Fixes an issue with PDF annotations

What’s New in Version 4.7.12 (3rd Sep 2018)

  • Fixes a crash that can affect older devices running iOS 9

What’s New in Version 4.7.11 (29th Sep 2018)

  • Fixed an issue which could cause signing in to be slow
  • Fixed an issue which could cause uploading multiple images to fail
  • Fixed issues with connecting to Foldr servers on some networks
  • Improved speed and performance of Files on iOS 12
  • Fixed several “Content Unavailable” issues in Files
  • Fixed an issue with orientation of annotations on PDFs
  • Interface tweaks and fixes

What’s new in 4.7.10 (3rd June 2018)

  • Support for writable secure public links
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating files
  • Interface tweaks and fixes

What’s New in Version 4.7.9(23rd April 2018)

  • Support for the iOS 11 Files app has been rewritten bringing speed and efficiency gains across the board.
  • You can now also edit shared files from other apps.

What’s New in Version 4.7.8(5th April 2018)

  • Resolved several authentication bugs
  • Interface tweaks and fixes

What’s New in Version 4.7.7(30th March 2018)

  • Fixed a potential issue which could cause a user to be signed out unexpectedly

What’s New in Version 4.7.6(10th March 2018)

  • Fixed a potential issue with sign in loops on some devices
  • Improved behaviour when cancelling a sign in

What’s New in Version 4.7.5(2nd March 2018)

  • Support for Foldr server “Pointers” – like groups for your shares
  • Easily link your OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Telegram accounts from within the app
  • Audio annotation tool is now easier to access
  • Share groups that you have created with other users
  • Better handling of GarageBand projects in the Files app

What’s New in Version 4.7.4(25th February 2018)

  • Fixed an issue where toolbar buttons could appear invisible with some versions of Foldr server
  • Big improvements to performance in the Files app
  • Better support for the Files app in Shared Mode
  • Fix change password prompts in Shared Mode
  • Other interface fixes and tweaks

What’s New in Version 4.7.3

  • overhauled our image and video picker to make it more intuitive and user-friendly

What’s New in Version 4.7.2

  • Secure Public Links help you to share with users outside of your organisation
  • Fixes a “Content Unavailable” issue with the iOS 11 Files app
  • Restored tap and drag functionality for selecting images and videos to upload
  • Interface fixes and tweaks

What’s New in Version 4.7.1

  • Fixes a possible crash with iOS9

What’s New in Version 4.7(15th December 2017)

  • Restores support for iOS 9 and 10
  • Cloud Search allows you to find your files in Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox
  • Uses custom colours and logo from your Foldr appliance
  • New default colour scheme (you can restore “classic” blue from the app settings should you wish

What’s New in Version 4.6.3 (30th October 2017)

  • Fixed an interface glitch preventing users from saving multiple videos to the Photos app

What’s New in Version 4.6.2 (12th October 2017)

  • Fixed a potential delay when adding an account
  • Interface tweaks and fixes

What’s New in Version 4.6.1 (2nd October 2017)

  • Fixed a caching issue with the iOS 11 Files app
  • Interface tweaks and fixes

What’s New in Version 4.6 (19th September 2017)

  • Full iOS 11 support
  • iPhone X support including Face ID
  • Deep integration with the Files app and other supported apps
  • Foldr Search is available form within the app
  • Media picker allows previewing of images or videos before uploading
  • Select images or videos and save them directly to the Photos app
  • PDF annotation updates and improvements
  • You can now disable invalid certificate prompts when they appear
  • Interface tweaks and fixes

What’s New in Version 4.5.2 (7th September 2017)

  • Fixed a crash when prompted for camera permissions by the document scanner.
  • Create new Microsoft Office and Google G Suite Documents from inside the app.

What’s New in Version 4.5.1 (31st August 2017)

  • Fixed a crash with older iOS devices

What’s New in Version 4.5 (30th August 2017)

  • “Me” tab provides all your Foldr settings in one convenient place.
  • Customise the Quick Add button with your favourite functions and features.  (Long press the blue + button for configuration options)
  • With Delegated Password Control Foldr admins can allow nominated users and groups to reset other users’ passwords on their behalf – from inside the Foldr app!
  • Redesigned sharing screen
  • Interface tweaks and fixes

What’s New in Version 4.4 (15th May 2017)

  • Mark your favourite files or folders as available offline and Foldr will sync them to your device.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause failures when saving from other apps.
  • General interface tweaks and fixes.

What’s new in Foldr 4.3.1 (12th February 2017)

  • French localisation
  • Interface tweaks and fixes

What’s new in Foldr 4.3 (21st January 2017)

  • Made for Sharing – Share local and cloud files or whole folders with users and groups
  • Create public links to share resources with the world (public links can be enabled by a Foldr administrator)
  • Create your own groups for collaboration or assignments
  • Activity stream lets you know when somebody has shared with you and what’s happening with those shared items
  • Duplicate and move files between locations
  • Web shortcut behaviour is now configurable – choose a browser or disable entirely

What’s New in Version 4.2.4 (29th November 2016)

  • **NEW** When uploading photos / videos from the Camera Roll from inside the Foldr app, you are now able to select all items or long press and drag to select items
    – Note – This refers to uploading via the elipses menu >> ADD FILES >> Upload From Camera Roll rather than from the iOS Photos app

What’s New in Version 4.2.3 (15th November 2016)

  • Updated icons for Box support

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