Foldr Settings (https://address-of-foldr/settings)

Browse to https://x.x.x.x/settings and log in using the default administrative credentials:
USERNAME:  fadmin
PASSWORD:  password (if the password wasn’t changed during the first boot wizard)

If you browse to the IP address of Foldr and only append /settings (without the port) you redirected automatically to port 30537.

Please note that the configuration pages will not be available externally if you haven’t opened / forwarded TCP 30537.

Once logged in you can configure various system, security and application settings.   If you haven’t already done so It is recommended that you change the fadmin account password immediately from the Appliance >> Change Password tab.

Networking Configuration

If the networking configuration wasn’t already set during the first boot wizard, you can configure this at any time within the Appliance Menu >> Network tab.


Configure network settings that are applicable to your network.  IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, preferred and secondary DNS servers.

When this has been completed and the settings saved, enter a suitable hostname using a fully qualified name relevant to your internal domain.  i.e. foldr.yourdomain.internal.  It is important that all network settings, including the hostname and also the system time/date/zone are configured correctly before attempting to proceed further with the installation.  The system hostname should be statically configured or set using a Pointer (PTR) record in the reverse lookup zone on your internal DNS system, should you wish to use DHCP.  A static IP configuration is always recommended.
IMPORTANT – A correctly configured fully qualified hostname on the appliance is vital for a successful Foldr installation as the hostname suffix is automatically used as the search domain for internal DNS queries.

External Hostname
If your users will be connecting to Foldr using a different URL to the internal hostname, you can configure this here.  This is important for compatibility with some third party WebDAV clients that may otherwise warn of compatibility issues without this being set.


NOTE 1 – If the IP address of the Foldr appliance is modified, it is applied immediately when clicking ‘Save’, please adjust the URL in your browser to reflect changes to the IP configuration and log back in.
NOTE 2 – The default appliance time zone is UTC, adjust to local time zone as required.

NOTE 3 – You can also configure all network settings from the appliance console if required using the ‘netconfig’ command which will present an easy to use menu.
Configuring a Proxy Server

Product and system updates are made available over the Internet and can be installed using the Update tab within Foldr Settings >> Appliance or alternatively the :5481 administration area.


If your network environment uses a proxy server to reach the Internet this must be configured within the netconfig menu shown above.  (Option 5).  If a proxy server is used, it must also be configured correctly for the Google and OneDrive integration features to work correctly.


Modifying the built-in firewall

In more complex network environments, such as one running a load balancer in front of multiple Foldr client access appliances, it may be necessary to modify the built-in firewall (IPTables).  From the console the fadmin account has access to add and remove firewall rules using standard iptables commands.  More information on iptables and example commands are available here


For the rules to be persistent after applying software updates, they must be commented with -m comment —comment “foldr-admin” as shown below.  Example command:


iptables -A INPUT -m comment —comment “foldr-admin” -i eth1 -p tcp —dport 443 -j ACCEPT
Once your rules have been configured, you must SAVE them or they will be lost when the next system restarts.  To commit your changes run the following command:



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