Importing the Virtual Appliance into VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion uses the same OVA file as used for ESXi.  To import the Foldr appliance, select the OVA from:

FILE >> IMPORT >> Choose File

You will then be prompted where to save the VM and the import process will begin.  Note – it is recommended that you do not attempt to move the location of the Foldr VM directory and the files contained within it once you have started the VM.

It is recommended that you add the VMware Fusion bundle associated with the Foldr appliance to the OS X ‘startup items’ so it will power up automatically when the OS X user is signed in.  This can be achieved by:

Apple Logo >> System Preferences >> Users & Groups >> Login Items >> ‘+’ button >> Browse to /Users/Username/Documents/Virtual Machines/Foldr-VM-Bundle

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