Microsoft Azure installations and SSL certificates

Posted on 7th November 2016

Microsoft Azure installations and SSL certificates

When you deploy a VM into the Azure cloud platform it will be accessible using a subdomain of, such as

Due to the fact that Microsoft owns and therefore manages the domain, it is not possible to have a certificate issued for the Common Name  This applies to both free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates or a certificate purchased from a traditional Certificate Authority such as Verisign, Thawte or GoDaddy.

The solution is to use a custom domain to access the Azure hosted Foldr installation and have the SSL issued for this domain.  Using a CNAME (alias) record and A (host) record on your custom domain you simply point your custom domain at the cloudapp URL

CNAME = >>

A record = >> Public Virtual IP of Azure VM (found in the Azure portal)


More information can be found here


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