What network ports are used by Foldr?

TCP port 22 (SSH) – During initial setup only for headless configuration in Azure / AWS etc
TCP port 25 (SMTP) – Used by the ‘Inbox’ sharing feature to receive email for processing attachments directly to a shared folder.
TCP/UDP port 53 (DNS)
TCP port 80 (HTTP) – Auto redirects to HTTPS for user sessions and HTTP is used during a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installation/renewal
TCP/UDP 88 (KERBEROS) – Required only if Kerberos Single Sign-On is enabled.
TCP/UDP 464 (KRB5 Password) – Required only if Kerberos Single Sign-On is enabled
TCP port 389 (LDAP)
TCP port 443 (HTTPS) – User sessions
TCP port 445 (SMB)
TCP port 636 (LDAPS)
TCP port 2082 (SSH)
TCP port 3306 (MySQL) – Required between appliances for DB communication if a backend cluster or client access appliances are being used.
TCP port 30537 (SSL) – Foldr Settings (admin)
TCP port 5481 (SSL) – Custom Update settings
TCP port 8983 (SSL) – Foldr Search – This port is required inbound on a Search appliance.

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