Mapping a network drive to Foldr on Windows or Mac OS X

Update – June 2017

A dedicated drive mapping client is now available and may be used as an alternative to connecting to Foldr using WebDAV.  The Fold for Windows client provides support for two factor authentication, password change, enhanced security options, G-Suite support and silent install / configuration options.

The Windows drive mapping client is available here

KB article for silent install / MSI options is available here


It is possible to map a network drive within Windows Explorer or macOS and connect to the WebDAV URL (https://address-of-foldr/drive) – Note /drive


1.  A signed certificate must be installed to successfully map a network drive in all versions of Windows to map a drive over HTTPS / WebDAV

2.  ‘Other Clients‘ & ‘WebDAV‘ must be enabled within Foldr Settings >> Devices >> Configuration for Windows to map a drive.

In Windows use the ‘Map Network Drive’ option in Windows Explorer, rather than ‘Add a Network Place’

Mapping a drive in Windows from the command prompt or using a script

net use Z: \\[email protected]\davWWWRoot\drive /user:username * /persistent:yes /y


net use Z: /user:username * /persistent:yes  /y

WebDAV performance may be sluggish on Windows Vista or Windows 7 clients – To improve performance disable ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ within Internet Explorer >> Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN Settings.

In Mac OS X you can use Finder with the CMD + K keyboard shortcut.  All configured shares will be presented under a single drive mapping.

When using the built-in WebDAV support in Mac OS X / Windows, the experience will vary hugely depending on the Operating System version and updates that are applied to it.  IMPORTANT – Dedicated third party drive mapping clients such are available for Windows and Mac which will provide a far superior, more reliable experience when mapping drives over HTTPS.

Two products that work well are WebDrive and Mountain Duck, however each is a paid for product that requires licensing – trials are available for each.  If you intend to use mapped drives on end user workstations it is recommended to always use a third party software to manage and auto-reconnect the drive.




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